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Train Chasers

The fast, the faint, and the somewhat fatigued

11/29/05 09:54 pm - themournfulduck

Oi. I have an exciting story to tell.

It was from a few weeks ago.

X-posted in my lj.


I hung out in the band room with Ryan and Steven because Steven had to get something from his locker.

So I was sort of--not talking to Ryan, but communicating with him anyway, with facial expressions and strange odd noises. Ryan's good at that. That's what Ryan does. And I do it too, when I'm with him.

Steven had come out of the locker room then, he'd got the thing he needed to get, and we stood there, talking for a few minutes.

I said, "Why are we standing here?" We can talk whilst walking to the train station. We don't need to stand in the band room and talk. The longer we wait, the more likely we are to miss the train.

They heard me when I said it a second time three minutes later, and we looked at eachother communicating expressions of confusion which can only be a result of lack of communication, and we started leaving.
But then Billy started talking to Steven and Ryan about this Tuba quartet and they stood for another few minutesn about music, and I started thinking, "'Kay, we're going to miss the train." But I wasn't going to leave without them, else I'd have had no one to walk to the train station with.
So we dawdled with Billy for a while. I love Billy, really, but they were talking about tubas, which is an instrument I don't play. I did find it interesting, but I was getting nervous, you know, about missing the train.

When we came to the point where we cross the street, we realized no one else was waiting to cross, and we had dawdled longer than everyone else. Ryan and Steven, I swear, have even less of a sense of time than I do.

When we got to the station and saw no one, and the train there, still waiting, Steven started "trotting," Ryan started "skipping," and I just ran, because I couldn't trot or skip fast enough to keep up with them.
But then they started running too. (I kept up.)
I was trying not to laugh the whole time I was running, so my breathing must have sounded pretty funny.

We heard the beeping sound on the way down the stairs, the one the train makes when the doors are about to close. "OH WE'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!"

Well, we did.

And what's more, the train stayed in the station with the doors wide open for at least ten more minutes.

9/12/05 12:54 am - themournfulduck

School has started again, and so has train riding. What fun.
For the first two weeks of school, or so, I always had to run to catch the train. It was because the train came so early that no matter how fast I walked from the time school ended, I always had to run up those damn stairs, across the bridge, and down the stairs again. I never understood how everyone else made it to the station before me.

But now the train is always late, and we are not required to cross the bridge that goes over the tracks, because the our train does not board on that side of the tracks.

So, in other words, I don't have any exciting train-chasing experiences to talk about.

I have an awful time at the station I go to in the morning. They herd all of the students behind a yellow rope, like we're cows. I love cows, but I don't appreciate being treated like one. Middle school and high school is the same in the eyes of the guards. Backpacks are the marks of our enslavement. "Behind the rope," they say, smoking their stupid cigarettes. I don't mind when people smoke, unless it's a person that I don't like that's doing the smoking. The guards shouldn't smoke. Perhaps they are protecting stupid kids from being in a ten foot radius from the train when it pulls into the station, but at the same time they are poisoning our lungs with secondhand smoke, which is, in my opinion, more dangerous than the train.

Well, I mean, even middle schoolers have the common sense not to jump in front of a moving train (I think). If they were suicidal, they would disregard the guards' yellow rope crap. Like putting us behind a yellow rope twenty minutes before any train enters the station is going to save us. I don't like being crowded like that. I'd like some space to put my stuff down and sit. I wish the middle schoolers would take a different train.

7/10/05 10:41 pm - themournfulduck

It's the middle of the summer, and I haven't been to tri-rail.

That's pretty cool.

I miss my train.
I miss my station.

But I am glad I do not have to get up early.


4/18/05 09:54 pm - themournfulduck

I made this community

because I ride trains

and it struck me

that trains are rather intriguing little objects, aren't they?
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